Monday, April 15, 2013

The Invasion of Ankle Length Pants- How to Wear Them

It’s like déjà vu.

It was only a few years back when I would venture out for one of my weekend shopping trips in search of a great fitting full-length pant.   Seems easy enough, right? Not so much.  Every retailer in the continental U.S seemed to be engaged in a conspiracy to make us, the consumer, wear Capri pants.  (Ok, that may be exaggerating, but seriously…) Capri pants were EVERYWHERE.  And I’m not knocking them… I own a few.But for certain office environments or special occasions, sometimes a girl just needs a full-length pant.  Not to mention, capris are not considered to be universally flattering.

Well, just when the Capri pant seemed to have lost its steam, and you thought full length pants are making a comeback… pump your brakes.   Ankle-length pants are now the new Capri.  A few recent shopping trips revealed ankle-length pants pervading the malls in epidemic like proportions. This sometimes less flattering cousin of Capri pants is seemingly the pant-du-jour of summer 2013.  While some find the look to be perfect for summer, many argue that a hem that cuts off the leg at the ankle creates an undesirable, stumpy-legged look.

If you've been thinking of incorporating ankle-length pants into your wardrobe, don't fret;  here are 3 simple “rules” to rocking an ankle-length pant well:

Tapered legs are best… particularly at the ankle:
Wide legged pants that stop at the ankle create a “flood” look a la Steve Urkel from Family Matters. A slim look throughout the leg (particularly at the ankle) lengthens the leg, and counteracts the “stumpy” look. 
Ankle-length pants look best with either flats or heels

A clunky boot, or clog heels with are no-no.   A killer stiletto heel or ballerina flats work best.

Work them with a blazer
Need I say more. Also, for women with wider hips, a tapered legged ankle pant can be tricky. A blazer is a perfect way to balance full hips.

What say you?  What do you think of ankle-length pants?  Do you wear them?


  1. I love this look. Maybe I'll try it this summmer!

  2. I agree I love these looks as well. I have worn ankle pants, may revisit. I love them with blazers. Thanks for sharing. Take Care!